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My name is Jim Prather in Moore, Ok. U.S.A. I would like to be added to your list of users. My call letters are: WE4VHF. You have my website already linked, as I do yours. Thanks very much...
PS... You may go to this page to see my ZX Yagi...
je me présente comme CB
depuis le 11 septembre 2001 je possède une 11-5ITB. J'en suis très satisfais et je tien a dire aussi la qualité de cette antenne.
De 16MB06 op: bernard
Hi friends, I would like to inform you that the 4 el. yagi ZX (the best for me) that I bought last year , runs very very well like a thunder !!!!
I contacted stations from most wanted countries without difficulty expecially from north and south pacific but.....if it is possible I would like to have more info on the project of the 9 el. yagi. Maybe I'm crazy but I have a lot of space in my holiday home so...................I think I'll buy it.
I hope receive your answer as soone as possible.
Thanks in advance.
Alberto Genova Italia
J'ai acheté un balum MTFT et je l'ai installé avec succès. Maintenant, j'aimerai bien en augmenter ses performances, surtout au niveau ROS.
73's et merci...
Bruno F1SLP.
Mark:Just to let you know my ZX Mini Yagi arrived yesterday and it is up in the air at 33 feet right now... This baby works great...NO PROBLEM running a KW and no rf feedback getting into the shack. The Mosley Mini shut my 1000MP down! Construction was very easy and quick and I received some nice 59 reports from Europe on 20 meter band... Quality construction, light weight and small...the perfect antenna for me! (Even my wife likes it!) I'll take some photographs of the setup this weekwnd. 73, Rick Rick Conners WA7ND WA7ND@ARRL.NET
Hello Ron,I contact KP4EIT today on 6 meter with my 6 elements ZX YAGI with 10 Watts my report 58 in Puerto Rico. I receive the station 53. I have a friend near my house (20 km), my friend doesn't receive the station from Puerto Rico with 5 elements Tonna ! I say "if you want Puerto Rico on 6 m, buy ZX" ! Bye, IVAN Thank you ZX YAGI !!!
Hi ron, finally the antenna is ready! You are the first one to see this photo. I have had just a problem with the wire kit for the boom, that has not been possible to climb on. However the spar works well, I am enough satisfied. Yours sincerely Luca

Hi, Ron...
Just a few comments about my ZX Yagi 6EL. When I purchased it in May of 1998, I did not expect the support that you gave me with the shipping problems that occurred. A customer just does not expect that kind of support here in America. I couldn't believe you even called me from the Netherlands to make sure everything arrived in good shape. Once I got that beauty on the air, I simply could not believe the number of stations, AND countries, that I had never heard before. As a direct result of my ZX Yagi, I have made many friends in Europe from my base station here in Oklahoma. I have owned many types of antennas in my 40 plus years of radio, and I am convinced that there is not a better antenna made than the ZX Yagi 6EL. Thank you for a great design, and for the strong materials and ease of construction that you build into each and every ZX Yagi. It is very important to me, as a consumer, to purchase a quality product, and a real plus to get the service that you provide AFTER the sale. Keep up the good work, and say "Howdy" to the girls in the office.

73's, my friend...
Jim (Uncle Jim) Prather
Moore, Oklahoma USA

Hello Ron, Working with the 3 element 3 band beam from ZX-Yagi is really great ! Several years worked with the R7-vertical from Cushcraft and dipoles. I know a vertical and dipoles are not beams. After installing the beam,I worked immidiatly in SSTV, South-Korea.New-Zeeland,China,Taiwan,Martinique bad propagation cdx. Only with 100 Watts ,80 Watts in SSTV, I have no boosters I don't like them, a good antenna is the best amplifier. Working all the day the American hams,with no conditions. I can switch between the antennas and all my antennas,except the beam, are in the noise. Signal differences various from S3 to S9 for the beam. And at the end,ZX-Yagis are easy to mount,with an excellent service from Ron

de Willy ON7NW qth: ZICHEM VB BELGIUM JO21MA asl antenna: 40 meters,not so high,with small hills on the side. 73' to all of You.

Hi Ron,
I would like to thank you for the nice antenna you build on my request,the ST5FR. The 5 ITB was an exellent antenna,but this one is absolutly great.The F/B is as you told me is more than 45DB,the forward gain must be more as you told me,because it works like a devil in the pileup. Most of the time,one or two calls is enough, with only 75 watts PEP.
Thanks again 19SD121 Mike
Dear Ron (and Mike), I have had the new antenna up at about 8m high for a few days now. It is working extremely well, with excellent reports from DX stations. I have pictures and simulations on my web page and also of the minibeam at