ZX goes WiMo!



Short Wave Monoband Beams for the serious Ham. Excellent but affordable quality.
Many DXpeditions world wide use ZX Yagis!
ZX was founded in 1980 by Ron Eberson. In the beginning seen as a hobby, the company has significantly expanded during the recent years.
ZX Yagi manufactures high quality short wave antennas at affordable prices.
Traditionally Ron Eberson supported many DXpeditions in the past like VP6BR, FT5ZH, as well as CB activities which turned into ham radio licenses eventually... DA0HQ is one of these contest stations using ZX on the 20 m band (2nd place in 1999). Many well known DX stations use ZX yagis like 9K2ZZ, 9K2RA, F2YT, PI4COM (40 m beam).
In 1984 a Dutch ham magazine tested a ZX 3-element beam and concluded that this antennas showed the best performance of any tested yagi antenna within the last 17 years!

In march 2000, the ZX company had been bought by WiMo Antenna Ltd., a well-known german Antenna manufacturer and Ham Radio supplier.

The entire production was moved to Germany already mid of March 2000. The new manufacturing facility at WiMo was up and running after only 2 weeks without any delay in deliveries.
More good news: Caused by the move the shipping costs were significantly cut. We ascertain the well-known quality of the products since we are using the original tools/software for the production in Germany. German and English manuals as well as fast availability of all products (incl. spare parts) is guaranteed. There are no intentions from WiMo's side to cut the antennas program.
Orders could be done through your local distributor, or direct at WiMo.
See below for facts about WiMo please.

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About WiMo

WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH 
Am Gäxwald 14 
D-76863 Herxheim
+49-7276 - 96680
+49-7276 - 6978

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WiMo presented our company for the first time in 1982 at our Stand at the ‘Ham Radio’-exhibition in Friedrichshafen (Bodensee). We were offering, at this time, some handy-antennas, and also (manufactured and developed by us), a hf-millivoltmeter and an additional graphic-circuit for the (at this time widely known) BASIC-Computer TRS-80.

In 1982 WiMo moved from Blaustein/Ulm to the Karlsruhe-area. All our activities there took place in a barn and the store was in the ex-pigsty !

1985 we removed again to Herxheim to a house with a basement area of about 110-square-feet. But we still had to place the electric saw in the garage, because of lack of space.


As our Company was now "grown up", and the neighbours weren't too happy about the noise, in 1992 it was necessary to rent a hall of 330 square-feet in the industrial area of Herxheim. During this time we took over Companys ANDES, HOFMEISTER and the antenna-production of SHF-Design (from Berlin). It was an ideal supplement for our business.


Parallel to the antennas and accessories we started to produce devices especially for customers, e.g. in 1992 we produced 300 units over the year, of electronic boards (from inception to completion including the displays), for a manufacturer of high-end caravan-cars.

 To produce antennas, we need A LOT of aluminium, and therefore a LOT of space, so...

In 1995 we moved to our new hall on the end of the industrial area in Herxheim with a 7000 sqft floorspace.

But, due to our Company expansion, this hall was too small soon again. So in 1998 an extension was added. Now we have about 10,000 sqft. floor space.

WIMO is General representative in Germany for the following multi-national Companies:


We are also contractors for:


We are present on all important HAM-Radio exhibitions.

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